How to Fix PSD Header

A header is vital part of the file which contains all specific details of the file like name, size, creation time, date of modification and other file properties. Whenever we try to access a file, the operating system first verifies the header of that particular file and then it provides access to that file. But […]

Backup Microsoft Outlook Emails

Outlook is a crucial software application that offers more features each year with new editions from Microsoft to simplify the personal and official works. Outlook emails are well known for their data security and integrity. The personal backup copy of Outlook emails (.pst files) can be a really helpful at times and the process involves […]

Retrieve DOCX Files

Do you come across the following file loss scenarios while working with DOCX files? Loss of DOCX files due to hard drive crash, Operating System malfunction, incorrect file system conversion etc. Accidental deletion of DOCX files. Formatting the drives or external memory devices accidently may lead to deletion of DOCX files residing in it. All […]