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Helpful Software to Recover Deleted Files Android

Recover your deleted files from Android supported device using third party application.

Android OS has been a serious breakthrough for Smartphone. Currently it is the most used OS in Smartphone segment. Files from Android devices can get deleted. There is high demand for software to recover deleted files in such devices. There is various software developed so far for and is spread across the internet market. The third party application chosen should be contiguous with the need of the user. User would sometimes want recovery from variety of Android supported devices from a single software. If this is the case and you are confused with choosing third party application, then one can always rely on Remo Recover for Android. This software is the premium software for all those uses who seek immediate recovery in their Android supported device.

Strong features:

Remo Recover for Android has a blend of features making it integrated software for recovery of Android files from various deletion scenarios. This software supports recovery of hundreds of files stored in Android phones which can broadly categorized as photo, video, document, audio and other files. By using Remo Recover or Android user can expect Android deleted file recovery in corruption free manner. This software is virus free and conforms to the standards of Android device. All major brands of Android operating system like Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat is supported by this application. Major Smartphone brands like Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic are compatible with this software. One of the top rated features of this software is save recovery session. This feature helps user to make a pause to the recovery session as long as the user desires. This session can be resumed back again at the will of the user. Even very large sized files can be recovered by using this software in a short span of time.

File deletion cases:

Let’s have a look at the various data deletion reasons. Most commonly files stored in Android devices gets deleted due to accident. User would like to delete a particular file but would have deleted another file accidentally which was of more importance. Consider a more similar case in which user does not want to delete file at all but performs deletion. This normally happens due to the easy touch features which tend to delete files from Android devices. Another case is that of unreliable third party application. If user intends to edit or open files in Android device using such Android devices, then most possibly file will go deleted without event the user knowing about it. Another top reason is virus attack. Some of the harmful set of programs can make your files to get deleted from your phone at immediate effect. All these scenarios are easily coped using the above mentioned software.

Steps to recover:

  • Start the software and connect Android supported device in your computer.
  • Choose “Recover Photos” and then select “Recover Deleted Photos”.
  • After this initiate the scanning process.
  • Soon after the completion of process, save your files in desired location.

Software for Smart People to Get Back Lost Photos from Android

Precious photos are lost from Android Smartphone, now looking for a way to recover those photos. Is there any way out of this problem?

Such a call of help could be made by a user who has recently both famed Android device and has captured some awesome photos with his device. And now is stuck with the problem of lost photos. This problem is also faced by users having cameras. Suppose user tries to capture photos from Android Smartphone and suddenly battery level goes empty. The captured photo at that ecstatic moment can lead to deletion and user would no longer be able to view the photos. Now the question arises can the photo which was precious to the user be recovered and if it is possible then how? The real concept behind recovery is that photos or files which ones gets deleted still remain inside the memory of the Smartphone and can recovered or in other saying accessed back by the user using recovery software. There are numerous third party applications visible in internet market and this problem of choosing right software suiting the user’s requirement can only be solved by checking the user comments and ratings for every individual software. Before getting into general software and its features, let’s consider some of the scenarios of photo loss.

Some scenarios:

It should asserted that Android Smartphone are prone to hang or sudden system stoppage. If it happens then most of the users consider formatting their device. Although the hang problem is solved for while but at a later moment user will have no photos or other files in his/her device. If user has forgotten to take any backup of data in external drive or in different system, then it can be a drastic situation for that moment and will require recovery. Other reason for file getting deleted is due to virus attack. Some cirsu content are so powerful that it does not leave any trail of the deleted data from Android device. Although all these scenarios may seem scary but recovery is just a step ahead by using recovery software like Remo Recover having good consumer base.

Essential features:

Remo Recover Android has features which makes it worthwhile software for recovering lost photos from Android device. By utilizing this software user can recover lost pictures from Android OS supported Smartphone in a complete basis. Recovered photos always satisfy user because the recovered data is same as that of the original data and has same hues, colors. Apart from photos; videos, documents, APK files and audios are also recoverable using this software. Graphical user interface used helps user to quickly get grasp of the procedure to recover lost photos and also matches the graphics used in Android device. Save recovery session is helpful for busy users to make a pause in ongoing recovery session. Smartphone brands like HTC, Samsung, Sony are supported by this software. Android OS versions like Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and other versions are compatible with this software.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Android

Excited about taking pictures from your Android Smartphone? Do take proper care before capturing any pictures from your gadget to avoid deletion.

One of the most common problems faced by Android users is sudden deletion of pictures. Android devices are capable of hosting tons of applications. Some of the applications are authentic and corruption free while others are untrustworthy third party applications which can pose serious problem to pictures. These applications sometimes tend to delete the pictures without event the user of the device knowing about it. Some times user downloads third party application to edit pictures, but later would end to see their files getting deleted. To solve such day by day problem it is advised to install software which recovers all the deleted pictures from Android device in a fast manner. This software has been the most demanded software in recent times due to its need.

More tackled scenarios:

Android phones are touch phones which are easy to be handled and provide various options. A single touch in such devices can bring severe problem. So is the case of pictures which may get deleted after series of unwanted touches in Smartphone. If it happens then the picture is deleted. Secondly Android devices are not virus free, so this is also a major threat with respect to deleted pictures. One more important reason is of the file transfer. While the picture file is being transferred to desktop computer via data cable connection user should not make sudden removal of the data cable, if it happens, then expect picture deletion. All these scenarios are well tackled by Remo Recover for Android and is of utmost importance in current Android market.

Ready to serve features:

Remo Recover for Android is very well crafted software which performs perfect recovery of deleted pictures. The recovered data is complete in every aspect with respect to the hues and colors of the original picture. Android deleted photo recovery of all picture formats are supported by this software namely JPEG, GIF, PNG and others. Apart from files like audio, document, APK applications; recovery of video files is also possible using this software. This software supports all versions of Android operating system like Ginger Bread, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Ice Cream Sandwich. Most of the Smartphone models are supported by this software like LG, Sony, Panasonic, Motorola and Samsung. Save recovery session is a worth mentioning feature allowing user to pause and play the recovery session. Graphical user interface used matches with visuals of Android phones.

Steps to recover deleted pictures:

  • Install Remo Recover for Android in your computer which consumes hardly fifty mega bytes of storage space.
  • Connect your Android device to computer via secure USB cable.
  • Select “Deleted Data Recovery”.
  • Select internal or external memory space of Android device in your computer.
  • Now initiate the recovery session; if required pause and play it in between the session.
  • Once recovery gets completed save your files either in Android phone or in computer.

Better Software for Samsung S4 Photo Recovery

Bought high priced Samsung S4 and proud of it? Remember that with high priced Smartphone come high quality photos which should be kept intact.

Photos captured from Samsung S4 are near perfect and are comparable with main stream camera devices. But what if you lose some of the most vital photos captured from your high end device. As a matter of face there are various ways by which user may end up losing photos from Samsung S4. One of the most popular ways by which user loses photos from Samsung S4 is while capturing photos. User may be trying to capturing photos in the last percent of battery charge in device and this may make this decreases the probability of captured photos to remain intact or not. Because it can possibly happen that when the photo is captured, battery completely discharges. In such moments the captures may get lost from your device and will require immediate attention from a third party application for recovery. While choosing recovery software proper attention should be made so that downloaded software works perfectly and some of the parameters on which user should focus are user ratings, feedback and comments. For example software called Remo Recover for Android has impressive ratings and also comments are fair enough to make it recognizable software.

Flawless features:

Remo Recover for Android is guaranteed to perform in every aspect of photo recovery from Samsung. A user can expect Samsung S4 photo recovery software to be error free. This is due to the fact that coding used to recover photos is provides perfect error free recovery every single time of its recovery. It supports recovery of photo file types namely JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and many other formats. All other version of Samsung Smartphone is compatible with this software like Samsung S5, Galaxy, Core an others. Moreover recovery of photos is possible from all Android supported Smartphone namely Motorola, LG, Sony and others. This software is the right platform for recovering other Android supported files too like video, audio and document files.

Unfavorable scenarios:

User owing Samsung S4 would be interested in cleaning phone memory. So to perform this user would like to delete unwanted files, but while deleting those files it can happen that user selects memorable photos for deletion. Moreover, Android Smartphone is prone to virus attacks. So, if a device is infested with virus, then photo may get lost from Smartphone and leave the user in an unfavorable situation. Next, photos may be stored in memory card and abrupt removal of memory card can lead to photo loss. Similarly improper mounting of the tiny storage device can also lead to loss of photos.

Simple steps to recovery:

  • Download and install this software in your Android supported device.
  • Next choose either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” and click on next tab.
  • Depending on file preview, select appropriate photos from your device and initiate recovery process.
  • Save recovered file in your favorite location once recovery process gets completed.

Powerful Software to Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

Stuck up with problematic Android device and performed factory reset? Now face your own problems!

Such a sarcastic comment will only be given by someone who is illiterate about latest technologies happening in today’s world. Nowadays’ recovering data after factory reset is no a big issue. The most common issue requiring factory reset is due to switching on and switching off of Android device. We have observed this problem in many devices especially in lower end Samsung Smartphone. This is in fact observable from the user comments and feedback of the very own Samsung users. So, let’s consider what happens when factory reset is performed. Whenever reset is performed all the information stored in computer gets erased. Imagine your important data like web history, videos, audio, document and memorable photos getting erased.  User has kept back up of all these information, then data can be restored back in Android device. If the backup is not maintained then user will have to choose other avenues to recover the lost data. If such a situation is ever faced by user then using third party application is the avenue which user is supposed to choose to get back data.

More reasons to reset factory:

One of the more popular reasons to perform factory reset is due to freeze. Android Smartphone can freeze large number of times depending on the situation. Though Smartphone do provide various features, freezing nature can become irritating and tend the user to reset the factory settings. If this happens then all data will get erased from Android device at immediately leaving user in a situation of desperateness. Moreover, large number of applications installations requires frequent updating. This updating of application may sometime consume large storage space. This can sometime pose as overburdened aspect to user. To get out of such situation user may think of options like factory reset and even may tend to perform it. If it is performed then, user will lose all data and data recovery will be required.

Choose right software:

Large number of software in computer can be confusing; one should choose the appropriate one. User can get confused about choosing the software. Utilizing popular software called Remo Recover for Android can solve this difficult problem of choosing right software.

Various features:

Remo Recover for Android is the right platform for restoring data after various data loss scenarios like formatting, deletion or corruption. By using this software user can expect restoring data after factory reset in a complete basis. Moreover, all types of data can be recovered using this software like video, audio, photo or even document. This software hardly takes few minutes of duration to recover complete set of data after performing factory reset option. All major versions of Android operating system are compatible with this software like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. Recovery of data from all major Android supported brands are supported by this awesome software namely Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony etc.

Propitious Tool to Shred Files on Computer

What happens when your computer stops working fine after certain usage? Obviously you can get fret and think either to sell or dispose it. Among these two options, you have to select anyone but do not forget to take backup numerous folders stored on the hard drive which you do not like to share with other users. Now the question arises in your mind is, whether it is possible to delete important files permanently from PC? If so, then which software is to be used to carry out this task?

It is big headache for all users but it is necessary to remove all confidential files permanently from computer before selling or disposing it to other people. If you directly sell your computer without completely erasing all your private files, then others can misuse such files and you will be in dangerous situation. Thus, in order to protect your personal info from unauthorized access you have to make use best software which can erase all bits of information without leaving any traces about files. When you Google out for such software, you will get plenty of tools but among those tools selection of right one matters a lot. You will be in quandary in choosing the finest one among all readily obtainable software, then you are requested to go through experts suggestion. The professional experts suggest to employ Remo File Eraser utility. This eventual software is called data eraser to remove files like documents, images, videos, audio, APK files, RAR, Zip and Excelsheets, etc.

Actually, file shredding is a process of erasing files as well as folders completely beyond recovery. When you perform files deletion by using “Shift + Delete” key combination, it does not mean that you have erased files completely. In fact, the files can be recoverable because they still present on same location but just disappear from you. Thus, it is a risk task for you and you need to avoid such mistakes because nowadays there are many data recovery tools available to restore them. Thus, illegal users can misuse your private data in few minutes. Thus, you have to use this toolkit to erase both files and folders completely from your system.

You can think formatting is best option to remove all personal files and business documents from computer and format it. The major drawback of this method is, files cannot be removed from HDD. Thus, when you dispose it to other person, there are more possibilities that other person can make use of your files in an improper way. Hence, you will have to face problem like data security. In such case, this software is the utmost solution because it acts like file shredder by using different shredding patterns without leaving any traces of critical information. It is included with drive wiping algorithms and file erasing facilities to shred whole hard drive and other storage devices (i.e. memory cards, USB drives, Thumb drives and external hard drives).

This utility provides data security in three different levels like Low level, Middle Level and High Level patterns accepted by various government and law enforcement agencies. It wipes previously deleted data from your disk by using free disk space option and overwrites the data by several times. It is embedded with built-in scheduler to shred files based on the scheduled time and event. This file erasing software can perform quicker drive scanning, which can save your valuable time and system resources. It can shred files and folders from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted drives. This multitasking tool is regarded as popular file shredder for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 8.

Incredible Software to Restore Outlook Backup

I downloaded a PST file from internet and forwarded the file to another person and deleted the original file. Later when I checked the forwarded file it said that the file cannot be opened.


The problem described above can happen to any of the user, It happened to me due to poor internet connectivity. When I forwarded the file the fiel was not completely sent, so when I tried to open the file from the sent items, it showed the same annoying messaged. The file was in actual important to me and I decided to look forward for a reliable precautionary measure. I consulted my IT friend and he told that keeping backup of Outlook attributes using third party software will be very much helpful.


Self serviced precautionary measure:

Using precautionary measure like using fast and steady internet connection while using Microsoft Outlook would be very much advisable. One more related measure would be to use UPS to save any unsaved PST file to avoid file loss. Moreover, using antivirus software is a widely used practice to get rid of virus attacks which has enough potential to harm the PST file. Even after following above mentioned measures, man will remain man and tend to commit mistakes. So, using reliable method will be advisable.


Reliable software:


If user is looking for a reliable method to restore Outlook backup, then start using Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate. The reviews about this software are very much positive and help the general public to understand that the functionality of the software is superb.


Heavy features:


Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a world renowned software performing operation of restoring Outlook backup side by side with migration feature too. This software is highly capable to perform the backup operation of all the Outlook attributes like Outlook email, contacts, notes, RSS feed, settings etc. The scheduling feature allows the user to have the backup of Outlook at periodic intervals of time as determined by the user. It cab kept on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, thus providing flexibility of choice. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate allows in getting Outlook backup on any of the Outlook application like Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, 2010 etc.


Other scenarios where this software can prove to be success:


Suppose the user downloads files more that the PST file size in Outlook, then the file may get corrupted and so user should have kept backup of important PST file using high profile software like Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate.


Steps to restore Outlook backup immediately:

  •       Download, install and launch the software taking only few minutes of your precious time.
  •       User should choose ‘Backup’ option out of the two options available to the user.
  •       The destination location can be selected by the user to save the backup attributes.
  •       After the backup is saved, click on “OK” to view the backed up file.

Know How to Delete Documents Permanently

Data stored in the storage devices will not delete permanently when you format them or deleting data using shift+delet keyword also. Actually, when you delete any documents from storage device, it removes access pointer from the table entry and makes that allocated space as free to store other files.  But that deleted documents will reside in memory only but you cannot able to access since its address pointer is deleted. Hence, you are unable to see that document after deleting using shift+delete keyword. In addition, do not ever think erased document cannot be able to retrieve back because it is possible with the assistance of third party data recovery software. This software scans your storage device in deep and tries to locate all recoverable files from it.

Then, now you are thinking how to erase documents from your system permanently. No need to worry; this can be easily achieved with the help of third party application like Remo File Eraser which is freeware application has ability to delete documents permanently beyond recovery. In addition, the application erases deleted documents using different shredding patterns leaving no traces of critical information.

Remo File Eraser application uses nine sanitization methods to wipe file and folders from storage devices. Again, these nine sanitization methods divided into three groups such as Low, Medium and High.  These patterns, overwrites the chosen document file many times repetitively with random digits such that no recovery application can ever restore these documents.

When this Remo File Erase comes handy for users ?

  • When users wish to delete their confidential data from their storage devices permanently
  • When users do not wish to share their personal data with others
  • When user wish to sell their used storage devices

Features of Remo File Eraser

  • Removes documents files and folders by deleting them permanently from memory card, hard disk, USB drive, etc
  • Shreds previously deleted documents from your system utilizing “wipe free disk space” option
  • Customized in-built scheduler to delete documents as per the scheduled time or event
  • Quickly performs wiping process which helps in saving your valuable time
  • Performs safe and secure file deletion process
  • Do not damage your system since it is read only application

How do I remove my documents beyond recovery?

  • Initially download Remo File Eraser application and launch it on your system successfully
  • Start the application by double clicking on short-cut icon created on your desktop
  • Choose “Erase Files / Folders” option
  • Select the documents which you need to be deleted and click on “Add Files” and hit “Erase”
  • Next select a wiping method and click proceed
  • Once wiping process completes you will get confirmation message

Nine different Shredding Patterns are

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
  • US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M)
  • DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard
  • Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion
  • German: VSITR
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Guttmann Method

Why should i avail Remo File Eraser?

  • Provides technical assistance via email and live chat services
  • Purchasing process is simple
  • User-friendly application

How to wipe your Hitachi hard drive permanently

Do you want to sell or dispose your Hitachi hard drive? Then it is important to erase your entire data from the hard drive permanently. You might think to shift + delete the files or format the hard drive and remove the data. But, this will not remove your data permanently!! Yes, when you delete file or even format your Hitachi hard drive on your computer, it’s not really gone.


Your data resides on your Hitachi hard drive until the areas of the disk it used are overwritten by new information. If you use the normal Windows delete function, the “deleted” file is sent to the Recycle Bin until the space it uses is required by other files. If you use Shift-Delete to bypass the Recycle Bin or format the hard drive, the space occupied by the file will be just marked as available for other files. However, the file could be recovered days or even weeks later with third-party data recovery software. As long as the operating system does not reuse the space occupied by a file with another file, the data is recoverable. Thus, now how will you wipe Hitachi hard drive and erase your data permanently.


Nevertheless there is no need to worry; you can easily erase your entire Hitachi hard drive data permanently with the help of Remo Drive Wipe software. With this software you can easily erase complete data on your entire Hitachi hard drive permanently beyond recovery in just few minutes.


How Remo Drive Wipe could do erase your data?


Remo Drive Wipe is a brilliant utility that is specially designed for data security. It is the best program which can erase entire data from Hitachi hard drive in minutes on your Windows operating system. It permits users to remove data from hard drive as well as your logical partition as per the need. This application has the capability to wipe out each and every file by overwriting it many times with some random characters. To achieve this; the tool uses many shredding algorithms that are certified and recommended by many government.


It uses nine different shredding algorithms, each of which uses different patterns to overwrite the Hitachi hard drive. There 9 patterns are categorized into three security levels, among them you can choose any one according to the need.

  • Low Level:  This level is for files with low sensitivity
  • Medium level : For files for medium level sensitivity
  • High Level: These file are for highly confidential files, with this level the files will be permanently.


Remo Drive Wipe can even shred the data even from other storage media like internal hard disk drive, flash memory cards, removal USB drives, etc. It is a powerful utility and hence the data erased with this tool will never be recovered with any of the powerful recovery tools. Thus, before you erase your partition or drive make sure the files are not needed. In addition it even supports all versions of Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 Server.


Simple yet performance driven Software to Migrate Outlook Contacts

Are contacts important to you? Are you an active user of Microsoft Outlook? How many contacts do you have in Microsoft Outlook application? Ever faced the problem leading to loss of Outlook contacts? Ever felt the need to Migrate Outlook contacts?

Well the questions asked above may seem to be unimportant to that person who never keeps any contacts. But, it is highly impossible to get such a person in this world who never keeps updated with contacts. A Microsoft Outlook user’s chief concern is contacts. Without the contacts the use of such an application will be almost a waste. So, if someone looses Outlook contacts then it is highly possible that the user will be looking for a positive approach towards some precautionary measures that he should have taken prior to such an important loss. The best measure mentionable in this context is the usage of software which can migrate outlook contacts.

Cases where usage of such software will be highly helpful:

While reinstalling OS in the computer, Outlook contacts may get lost from the computer. In such a case usage of Outlook migrate software will be highly helpful. Another case is while upgrading the Outlook application user may also loose Outlook contacts.

What is the name of the software?

Since only software can handle software issues, so here is a popular name of the software for the user which exactly does the migration of Outlook. Remo Outlook Backup and      Migrate is the name, this software is the most advanced software with respect to the migration of Outlook contacts.

Various features:

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is ultimate software developed exclusively for keeping backup and for the migration of Outlook contacts. This software uses algorithm which maintains the backup of listed contacts in Outlook and then migrates it to another computer. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is capable of migrating contacts not only to one computer but multiple of computers at remote locations. By using this software user can stop worrying about changing the settings in another computer for Microsoft Outlook because settings are also migrated along with contacts and other attributes of Outlook. One of the good features of this software is that it is compatible with all the versions of Windows as well as Mac computers.

Basic steps to Migrate Outlook Contacts:

  • Download and install Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate.
  • Launch the software and select “Backup” option. This option will save the backup of Outlook attributes like contacts and will save any settings of the Outlook data. Proper care should be taken while choosing the location for saving the backup and user should remember the location.
  • Now select Migrate option. It will ask for the user in “Items to Migrate” option to migrate attributes which need to be migrated, choose contacts.
  • Click on “Next” tab and the migration process will start; please don’t interfere with the computer while migration is in process. After the completion of the process all the contacts will be safely available in the location selected by the user.