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How to Perform Defragmentation on External Hard Disk?

External hard disk have become one of the most popular device to store your important data safely and securely. Nowadays an external hard disk come in huge storage capacities which ranges in Terabytes, moreover the compact size allows the user to carry the device very conveniently and due to this reason it is considered as one of the best portable storage device. Most of the users prefer to store their valuable data in external hard drive as a kind of backup.

A computer will be in continuous operation thus when anything goes wrong in computer then there are more chances that the data within the internal hard disk may get lost. However an external drive is only used when it is connected to computer thus making it more secure to keep important files within it. But as the data grows on the external hard disk you may notice that there is some kind of drop in performance with your drive. This is mainly because the data within the disk is not in defragmented state. Thus when defragment is performed on the drive then you may see that there will be enhancement in your drive’s performance.

What is the need of defragmentation?

When you buy a new external hard disk you may have noticed that the speed (transfer of data or the performance) of drive will be good but when time goes on the speed also gradually decreases. This is because as the time passes on, the operation such as storing, moving, deletion might have been performed several times. Due to this the newly stored and the existing drive’s data within the external drive gets stored in fragmented form. Besides this if you still load the data on the same drive without performing defragmentation then accessing data from the drive can become very time consuming. Therefore defragmentation is the recommended thing which can boost the performance of the drive. Thus selecting the correct tool to perform defragmentation is very important because when the defragmentation is improperly done then there are chances that you may lose your precious data. Hence make use of an app called Remo Drive Defrag which is considered as one of the most trusted program among many users and professional experts.

Features of Remo Drive Defrag

  • Provides you with user interface which are very simple to understand, besides this the interface can help a novice user to accomplish the work very efficiently
  • Before performing defragmentation on your hard drive the application allows you to analyze the drive and depending on the result of analysis you can choose whether defragmentation is required on the drive
  • There are two basic options which can be selected by the user according to the requirement, and the two options are Quick Defragmentation Mode and Deep Defragmentation Mode 
  • Equipped with strong algorithm due to which it allows you to accomplish the defragmentation of external hard disk within few minutes
  • This advanced application supports installation of operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003
  • Consumes very less space for getting installed on your computer due to which there will be no degrade of performance in the installed computer
  • Compatible with external hard disk such as SATA, IDE, SCSI and SSD. Moreover this advance utility has the ability to perform defragmentation on almost all the brands of external hard disks such as Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, WB etc.

Safety measures:

  • Make use of power backup such as UPS so that if sudden power loss happens then there are chances that you may lose your data
  • Release all memory by closing all the running application like anti-virus, downloading, updating and many more
  • Avoid using the files which are been defragmented
  • Do not eject the external hard disk while your defragmentation process is in progress

Recover Deleted Images from Samsung Galaxy S4

My Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone captures very good quality images and is powered by twelve mega pixel camera. I capture most of my best moments by this device only and never maintain any back up, thanks to its large memory capabilities. But such great specifications never guarantee complete safety of data. One should always maintain additional backup of data. The memory card used in Samsung S4 is the only micro SD card that I have, so I frequently transfer images from Smartphone to other multimedia device. Lately I browsed for images in my device and I was surprised to find out that there few images were missing from it. Later, I felt the origin for such a problem to interruption in transfer process of images from phone to computer. All those images got deleted due to interruption and I was seeking restoration. In such situation of distraught, one of friend guided me how to retrieve deleted files. I followed the below given steps and got my files back.

I installed Remo Recover for Android in computer and connected Samsung Galaxy S4. After this I chose “Recover Deleted Files” and selected the appropriate drive. Started the restoration process and took only few minutes of time to restore files. After recovery got over I saved my files back into my device.

Remo Recover for Android makes use of authentic coding and algorithm to retrieve deleted photos from samsung galaxy s4. It takes merely few minutes of users’ time to restore even a completely data filled, Android device. Remo Recover for Android can be used to restore images of various formats used in Android Smartphone such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, PNG etc. Software is embedded with feature called file preview allowing user to have quick glance of files required to be restore; this way user can identify which files are to be restored and which are not. It supports older as well as newer Android OS such as Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Ginger Bread and Ice Cream Sandwich. All Android Smartphone brands are compatible with this software like Samsung Neo, Motorola, LG and Sony.

Since all Smarphone operate with touch interface; it has become easier to handle files. But, the touch feature sometimes goes against user’s desire. It can possibly happen that while browsing images, user accidentally deletes some files. This is a classic case of accidental deletion and is sometimes inevitable. As we know Android devices are not virus free, there is high degree of chances that images automatically get deleted when countered by a high risk virus. User should take proper care while downloading files from internet or while browsing through potentially dangerous sites. Files also get deleted without user getting informed about the loss when user makes use of unauthorized third part application. In all such scenarios best way to keep important images at a safety bay is to maintain backup of data in external storage media. If not possible, for least user should use above mentioned software to recover images post image file deletion.

How to Recover Lost Data from Android?

Android is an operating system which is used nowadays by modern mobile phones, this operating system is based on Linux and it is developed by Google. This operating system is emerged in such a way that it is not only used in mobiles phones but it is used in various devices such as digital cameras, television, wrist watches, tablet computer and many more. The use of this operating system in mobiles changed the life style of the mobile users, because nowadays Android based mobiles is not less than a computer. It has the capability to capture high definition pictures, watch live TV or watch HD videos online, live video conferencing, high storage capacity, gaming and much more in just single piece. By this extra ordinary features it makes the Android mobile phone to be a multi-tasking gadget. However like other gadgets it also has some data loss scenarios due to which you may at times lose your important data.

Some common reasons behind data loss

  • An Android phone has advanced features, thus when a novice user try to access the device in an improper way then it can result in loss of data
  • Android devices are prone to virus and malicious programs, so if your Android device is infected by virus then you may opt to scan the device by a good anti-virus tool. But some anti-virus tool don’t try to rescue your data from virus attack but it simply remove or delete the virus infected files from your device
  • Many of your Android based devices make use of memory card, and if the user remove the memory card when the device is using the card then it results in loss of data from the memory card
  • Transferring and sharing files through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and social sites is very common among many users, however if there is any kind of interruption when you are transferring the files then it can result in loss of data from the device
  • Battery backup is a serious concern for an Android user, thus if you are performing any long running process such as update, installation of advanced software etc. while this process is in progress and if there is any kind of interruption then there are chances that you may lose your data

These are some of the common scenarios due to which you may lose your important data, but don’t worry because by making use of Remo Recover for Android you can effectively recover lost data from Android. This application is equipped with many advanced features and some of which are mentioned in below section.

Amazing features of Remo Recover for Android

  • This application is simple to use as this is equipped with much simpler user interface, using this simple user interface it makes it possible to recover the data very easily and quickly
  • It is capable of recovering lost data by scanning both internal memory and the external memory
  • You can even create an image or replica of the memory card so that you can perform recovery at later stage
  • Has the ability to recover audio files, video files, music files and even .apk files
  • By making use of this advance tool you can efficiently recover data from accidentally formatted memory card, lost data from corrupted memory card, OS corruption and from various scenarios
  • This application can be installed on various operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2008 and 2003
  • “Save Recovery Session” option can help the user to avoid rescanning, this can be done by saving the recovery information by selecting “Save Recovery Session” option
  • Trial version of this product allows you to preview the recovered data, by this you can evaluate the capability of the software

Best Way to Permanently Delete Files

Are you willing to permanently delete the files from your computer then this is the right place where you can get the perfect solution and easiest way to delete the files…

Permanent deletion of files is usually misunderstood, many users think that when the file is deleted using shift+delete then it is considered as permanent deletion. However it is not the fact because when the files are deleted or formatted then it can be easily recovered by making use of some effective data recovery tool. Thus a user who want to permanently delete the file beyond recovery than it can be possible only by making use of Remo File Eraser.

Now user may be thinking what might be the reasons behind the recovery of the deleted data. Thus the major reason behind the recovery is that when the data is deleted the actual data remains on the drive but the pointer referring the deleted data gets deleted. This deleted data which remain on the drive paves the way to data recovery. Hence if you are disposing the drive or computer then make sure that you perform erasure of all the data on the drive so that it does not allow the miscreant user to make use of your important files.

What are the necessities of erasing the files?

Disposing or selling is not the only reason for the erasing files from the computer. However file erasure can also be helpful in environment where a user is using such a computer that has multiple user accounts, thus performing file erasure from the computer after every use can help you protecting the private data from others. Thus there can be several scenarios where you will be required to erase the files from in order to protect your confidential data from miscreant users. Hence make use of Remo File Eraser which can easily erase all the selected file within minutes.

Remarkable benefits of using Remo File Eraser

  • It makes use of 9 different shredding patterns, these different patterns can be used in different situations depending on the confidentiality of the data
  • This application can permanently erase files in such a way that it cannot be recovered by any data recovery application
  • With the use of this application you can erase files from recycle bin, erase free drive space, erase files/folders from partition, erase selected files/folders from hard drive, and in addition you can schedule the file erasure process so that you can erase the files on regular intervals
  • Provides you with easy to understand graphical user interface, using this interface even a novice user can effectively accomplish the task
  • It is free from virus, malware and Trojans etc. and consumes very less space for installation on the hard drive
  • Supports erasing of files from different Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003
  • Compatible in erasing files from various hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI and SSD. Besides this it support file erasure from file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5

How to Completely Erase a Memory Card?

Memory card are one of the smallest portable devices which are growing popular nowadays. These storage devices comes in variety of storage sizes and various dimensions, today many devices allows memory card as the secondary storage device. Thus the compactness of the memory card facilitates the user to interchangebly use the card in different devices. However as the memory card is portable many user prefer to store their important and confidential data, and at times you don’t desire to share your data with others. This is where the erasing of memory card is useful, therefore go through the below section to know more.

What is the need of erasing the data on memory card?

Many user hide their data in order to keep the confidential data away from other miscreants, but this is not the recommended way because the data will still be residing on the card. We all know that a memory card is small and it can be easily misplaced, and if in case this misplaced card when fall in wrong hands then the miscreants can easily access the confidential data.

Consider you want to sell the memory card or dispose it, then it is noticed that many users prefer to format or delete the data before lending or deposing. But the fact is that the deleted or lost data can be easily recovered from a memory card, thus while disposing the card if the memory card falls in wrong hand then you will be at critical stage.

Therefore erasing the memory card data is the best way to make the confidential data to completely vanish from the memory card before disposing or selling the memory card. In order to accomplish this task you may have to make use of a reliable software, thus one of the efficient and most preferred application which can completely erase memory card is Remo Drive Wipe.

Remarkable features of Remo Drive Wipe

  • This application is developed by making use of strong algorithms and by making use of this algorithms this software completely removes all your data from the memory card so that it should not be recoverable by any of the data recovery tool
  • Comes with simpler user interface which can be understood by any novice user and additionally a user can effortlessly finish the task very quickly
  • It is compatible with all the major versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008
  • This effective application is free from virus infection and in addition it consumes very less amount of space for installation on the drive
  • By making use of this renowned program you will be facilitated with 9 types of data shredding patterns, a user can select any of the shredding patterns depending on the situations

These were some of the remarkable features but this does not end here because there are many more features which are not listed here.

Useful tips:

  • Do not keep your confidential data on to your memory card because a memory card can get easily misplaced. Thus store all the confidential data of memory card on your computer or external hard disk
  • Before selling or disposing the card make sure that you perform erase on the memory card using Remo Drive Wipe
  • While performing erase of memory card make sure that there are no interruptions like sudden system shutdown, abrupt ejection of memory card etc.

How to Delete Files on Windows XP

Do you want to permanently delete the confidential files from your Windows XP based computer? If it is so, then read the following sections carefully, you will find clear cut details on safest file erasing techniques.

Windows XP is one most widely used operating system in the globe; this amazing OS was developed by Microsoft Corporation. We often save huge number of confidential files in our Windows XP computer, and delete them whenever required. The main that has to be noted here is, when you delete a file from hard disk only address pointer gets deleted, but data remains intact on same location but becomes inaccessible or invisible. So with the help of advanced data recovery software you can easily get them back. Suppose, if any wrong person recovers and misuses the confidential data then you would definitely get into trouble.

Therefore to delete confidential files permanently in a safest manner is to opt for best trustworthy third party file eraser tool like “Remo File Eraser”. This is the smartest application, which removes data from Windows XP computers or laptops permanently beyond recovery. Apart from Windows XP, you can also utilize this application to erase files on Windows 7, 8, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 without any complexity. It’s a reliable file erasing technique, which is mainly utilized by defense and law enforcement agencies to remove confidential files from their system. File eraser utility is designed with simple GUI, which offers clear cut instructions, therefore by just following those instructions anyone can perform deletion of files with few clicks of mouse.

Spectacular Features:

  • The software shreds files and folders by erasing or deleting them enduringly from all types of HDD, memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drive, MMC, etc. with ease
  • This utility is designed with integrated built in scheduler to erase data as per schedule date, time or event
  • With the help of “Wipe Free Disk Space” option you can easily shred all previously erased files from Windows machines
  • Even you can shred single or all file from partitions
  • Faster drive shredding pace helps in saving precious time, computer resources
  • Context menu incorporated selection helps in shredding files / folders anywhere from the Windows
  • Shredding zone helps to shred batch of files / folders using drag & drop functionality

Benefits of using Remo File Eraser Software:

  • Provides 100 % guarantee of erasing files beyond recovery
  • The software even erases data from Recycle Bin folder
  • Round the clock that is 24 * 7 technical support team is available for assistance via chat or email

Remo File Eraser Supported Data Shredding Patterns:

  • VSITR standard
  • DoD 5220.22-M + Peter Gutmann Method
  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Peter Gutmann Method
  • DOD Standard 5220.22.M
  • NATO standard
  • DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD
  • Random Overwrite

Instructions to Recover Deleted Folder from Android Phone

Have you ever met a case like carelessly deleted folder enclosing numerous important files from your Android phone? One will never understand how awful this type of situation is until it happens. However, do you have any idea about how to resolve this disaster? Are you aware of any excellent Android data recovery software?

Just in case, if your reply is “NO” to the above stated questions, then don’t get worry! You can easily recover deleted folders from Android phone within matter of minutes by making use of Remo Recover Android software. This tool is capable to restore all types’ of deleted files such as videos, audios, text documents, animation files, games, images, etc. with ease.

How Folders are Deleted in Android Phone:

  • Unintentional Deletion: Android phones are totally depended on touch screen. So there are maximum chances of folder getting deleted accidentally if your finger slides to some disastrous option like “Deletion”.
  • Virus Attack: The folders from Android phone also get deleted due to external threats such as Trojan, Adware, Malware, Spyware attack.
  • Deleting Folders When Connected to PC: When you connect your Android Smartphone to computer or vice versa for file transfer or for deleting useless files to free up space in the memory card, there could be chance of selecting some significant folders by accident. In this deletion process, the data will not reside in Recycle Bin folder.
  • Other Reasons: Using untrustworthy third party tools to boost up phone performance sometimes results in folder deletion, file system corruption, unintentional formatting, data transfer process interruption, improper handling of Android phone like switching it off abruptly, Android memory card corruption, etc.

If you are experiencing data deletion from Android phone, then don’t panic! By making use of Remo Android recovery software you can get back deleted folders from all brands of Android Smartphone’s like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, Micro max, etc. to perform deleted folder recovery from Android phone, you will need a PC in order to get back each files.

Remo Recover Software Ultimate Features:

  • The application supports deleted folders recovery on all brands of Smartphone’s, which contains Android operating system.
  • This tool facilitates you in rescuing folders from Android OS 2.3, in addition, it also supports AMR and AMR file formats.
  • Even you can revive deleted folders from the latest versions of Android that is Jellybean 4.2, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, Honeycomb 3.0 etc and all other versions also.
  • It supports recovery of deleted data on all key versions of Windows operating system utmost ease.
  • The software is easy to use and has simple steps with snapshots so even a no vice user can easily operate and get back deleted folders.

How Remo Recover Helps!!

After knowing some spectacular features, if you are still in doubt how the software works, then first try with the trial version to test its recovery result. In case if you are delighted with the program then go for full version. The technical support team is available for assistance round the clock.

Top Software to Recover Deleted Pictures from Droid X

My latest gadget is Motorola Droid X and is having very advanced feature with respect to Smartphone standards. The first thing which captured my imagination was the eight mega pixel camera. I tested it and it was way too ahead in the captured photo quality. With additional features to edit the captured photos I got desirous to know its various photo editing features. But while browsing for the scores of in-built features I accidentally deleted some of the most liked photos. It hardly took few minutes of time to understand the scenario of picture deletion and I soon I was in an endeavor to get back the photos. There are other data deletion scenarios too, let’s have a quick look into those.

Android phones are a boom for downloading applications of any type. Since Android devices are more liberal towards download of these applications. User may in actual fall prey to download applications unreliable in nature. Such applications which access memory card data are the most dangerous which may hurt the data inside memory card by deleting the data like pictures without even taking the users’ consent. Such a case sound more logical when user downloads picture edit application, access the pictures directly and end up getting the pictures deleted. Other common case is deletion while the pictures are in transfer process. User should take proper care while the pictures are in transfer process by not removing the transfer cable while the pictures are still in transfer process. These scenarios are sometimes un-negotiable to certain users. In such a case user should prefer using third party application.

One of the best third party applications is Remo Recover for Android. This software is known to perform its job to recover pictures in very rapid manner. Software is capable to restore deleted pictures by exploiting the basic fact that even after deleing pictures files still remain inside Droid X Smartphone. By the use of its efficient coding, pictures get recovered at a very fast rate.

Remo Recover for Android can be used to recover deleted pictures from droid x for everyday purpose. Software is embedded with features which are matchless for any Smartphone device. Remo Recover for Android can be used to restore pictures of all possible types like JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG. It si compatible with most of the versions of Android operating system like Android Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Kit Kat. One of the top qualities of this software is that the recovered pictures match with the content of the original file. Features like save recovery session is very helpful to stop the prolonged restoration process and resume the process later on using play button. File which is to restored can be previewed using this software and with the help of this previewed hint user can make decision regarding recovery of file. Software is compatible with most of the brands of supporting Android Smartphone like LG, Samsung, Sony and Motorola.

A Right Approach to Wipe Wi8ndows 8 Hard Drive

On your Windows 8 computer you might store personal files, favorite videos, passwords to websites, email accounts, company details, credit card numbers, identity financial and information records, bank account details, sensitive data and family images.  When your friend asked you to handover him, you might permanently erase all files using Shift + Delete key combination. But do you think is this a secure of removing all your data from Windows 8 computer HDD? No, it is not a secured way for data removal. But majority of users do not have awareness of this fact and simply donate it to others.

Sometimes, you might format or reformat your Windows 8 hard disk, then the files will not get completely removed from the hard drive. However, many people still believe that it is the best method for wiping out data from Windows 8 computer. But, it is not the case, the pointers to those files get delete and make them inaccessible by any user and they are still exist on the same location. Thus, there is a possibility of recovering such files with the aid of any data recovery tools available on internet. Now, there exist a question in your mind is how to wipe Windows 8 hard drive? Is it possible to remove files beyond recovery? Well, just relax and you can permanently delete files from Windows 8 system with the assistance of reliable third party tool called Remo Drive Wipe.

It is the trusted app to delete all files stored on Windows 8 hard disk files without leaving any traces to restore any files again. You can use it to delete files forever on different types of hard disks and external hard drives like ATA, PATA, SATA and SCSI of renowned manufacturing brands Buffalo, Hitachi, Toshiba, iOmega and Samsung. It is performed by overwriting Windows 8 hard disk many times with chosen data shredding patterns and numerous international drive sanitization standards. It has special design and simple user interface to remove your confidential data in a safe and secure way. It uses extremely fast wiping method and saves your valuable time. In addition to Windows 8, it runs quickly on Windows Vista, XP and 7. It is responsible for security of private data.

This tool uses 9 various data sanitizer patterns to wipe data from Windows 8 hard drive, they are:

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26_RLL
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)_DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization_NATO standard
  • Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion
  • German: VSITR-US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Gutmann Method
  • US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22 – M) + Gutmann Method

By means of it, you can scan your Windows 8 HDD and recognize all information to wipe such as free space obtainable in it by making use of above said wiping patterns. You can use this software on numerous storage devices including USB drives, memory cards and FireWire drives and supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and NTFS file systems. Now, you can relax and effortlessly sell your Windows 8 HDD to anyone. As a preventive measure you need to ensure that you have copied vital files and folders to another drive before wiping data from the hard disk since, it will completely remove all files as well as folders from it and reduces all chances of recovery. Use it demo form to check out efficiency.

Can I Perform Samsung Galaxy S2 Deleted Photos Recovery

Samsung Galaxy S2 has gain popularity due to its features like superb design, dual shot, adapt display, Air gesture, high resolution camera, etc. Hence, most of the users use it as an alternative for digital camera to capture beautiful pictures of birthday events, office party, business trip and other occasions. The added advantage of this device is that users can record sweet memories of their life. Since, it is a handy device users sometimes unknowingly delete their everlasting pictures while operating. Thus, they end up with loss of images from their Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone.

After deleting pictures from their device, people think that photos cannot be recovered and gone permanently from the phone. Most of them do not know the fact that deleted photos can be recovered by means of data recovery software. It is hectic and time consuming procedure to find out such software. Hence, for such users it is suggested to employ Remo Recover tool. It can perform deleted pictures recovery from Samsung Galaxy S2, S1, S3 and S4 with ease. All types of photo file formats like TIFF, TIF, GIF, JPEG and RAW file formats like CR2, NEF, recovered by means of this creative utility.

Possible scenarios which end up with images deletion from Galaxy S2:

Antivirus scanning: If the memory card stored in Samsung Galaxy S2 is attacked by virus, then users prefer to go with antivirus scan. In between the process, the anti-virus tool deletes all virus attacked files in the event, user’s beloved images are also attacked by virus then he / she will lose pictures.

Restore to original settings: As a result of installed applications, the Samsung Galaxy S2 becomes slow. To avoid this type of issue users restore their phone to its original settings. But in case they forget to take backup then photos get delete.

Shortage of memory: Users of Samsung Galaxy S2 can purposely delete images when she /he want to store their office files or other important documents or when they find less memory space in phone.

Other circumstances:  Usage of third party tools, mishandling of Samsung Galaxy S2, unplanned deletion, interrupted image files transfer process, OS crash, etc.

Users are recommended to use this tool under above said circumstances to get back their photos. Both novice and regular users of Samsung Galaxy S2 can avail the benefit of this utility to undelete their pictures. It does multitasking functions like videos, audio and other media files recovery from all brands of Android phones including LG, HTC, Nokia, Micromax, Lenovo, Sony Ericsson, etc. It has the potential to recover deleted pictures from CF, SD, SDHC, MMC and Micro SD cards of renowned brands like Sony, Lexar, Kingston, Transcend, etc. It is compatible with even digital cameras like Pentax, Panasonic, Sigma, Leica, Hasselblad, etc.

It simplifies photos recovery process and amplifies the process speed. Its interactive GUI can enable smooth recovery process on all platforms on Android OS like Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, etc. This toolkit comes with automated program to ensure fast and safest methods for Samsung Galaxy S2 pictures recovery. Users of Samsung mobile can employ it at any time to scan both internal and external memory of the device to undelete deleted photos. Its free version is available to check out its efficiency before buying. With its demo edition users can preview all restored images and then they can purchase it only when they feel happy with its results.

Points for photos recovery:

Avoid storage of huge sized files in Samsung Galaxy S2

Avoid virus attacks using updated antivirus tool

Immediately stop using Samsung Galaxy S2 to avoid overwriting of deleted photos